“I found the last piece…”

My name is Alicia. I’m 21 years old and I live in Spijkenisse (near Rotterdam). I was born in Bogota, Colombia. When I turned my 15 years I began to wonder how would be my mother. Seeing my adoption papers I asked myself how she could be. Despite of not meeting her, I could not stop thinking about her.

My father and I went to my first trip back to Bogota. It was an unforgettable experience. We visited the FANA adoption center and received from them a small photo of my mother. I went back home with a feeling of happiness. The photo, the country, the city, the people and the culture helped me to confirm my roots.

My mother helped me writing a letter to two television programs in the Netherlands: Sporloos and Vermist.

Silently I always wondered for the moment someone said to me: we have found your birth mother. However, it was not logical since by the history of my adoption it was almost impossible because of the difficult situation that surrounded my story.

Time passed and I never received any notice until a friend of my father advised him to search through Colombia Tu Pais, because his daughter had found her birth family with their help.

Ok! We said! This is the last thing we’ll try! And immediately we contacted Adry.

We checked the website and it was really spotless, careful and very reliable. It was my first and accurate impression. Before Christmas I was confirmed that my search was in process.

I thought it might be good to start a Spanish course soon, who knows? Maybe next year I could speak a few words and phrases! But really I had no time for that since the February 7, around 17:00 when I was playing on the computer with my sister I heard the phone call that my mother attended. I had not time either to realize that this phone call was the one I always dreamed of!

It was Adry! And she had the wonderful news that Gyna had found my birth mother!: maybe you should check your email because Gyna took her a few photos with her phone! All at home were amazed!

The same week I received more pictures, not only of my biological mother, but also of my 2 sisters and my brother! Their father seems to be my father too! I never expected it! So awesome! I could not believe it was true!!

I found the last piece! And the puzzle is finally complete! I feel so blessed!

If the contact continues this good, I have plans to travel next year with my boyfriend to Colombia to visit them.

I can only thank Adry and Gyna for all the work they did! To my parents for their unconditional support! Thanks mom and dad! And of course my sister, my boyfriend and all those who always supported me!