“A miracle reunion…”

I thank Colombia Tu Pais and Gyna for making my miracle happen this year. I took me longer than most to begin the search for my birth mother. After nearly 40 years of unanswered questions, I finally sought the truth about where I came from. Knowing that my questions may not be answered, I was ready to begin the search despite the outcome.

I chose Colombia Tu Pais after seeing the success Gyna has achieved with so many other Colombian adoptees. Gyna made the entire search process so easy. From only conducting searches that ensure the most success to her quick turnaround, it was immediately apparent that this is more than just a business to her. In less than a week, I learned my search would likely be successful. Less than a month later, Gyna notified me that she found my mother — the amazing woman who was forced to give me up at birth.

It was like a dream come true…knowing that my birthmother was alive and she wanted to meet me. For me, the story was even better. My mother cried tears of joy when Gyna first contacted her because she never thought she’d know anything about me due to the circumstances of my adoption.

After seven months of Skyping with my mother, I traveled to Colombia from the US with my husband and kids to meet the amazing woman who gave birth to me. Gyna was so helpful throughout the entire process, from checking in to see how things were going, to helping with travel arrangements from the United States to Colombia.

My visit to Colombia was unforgettable — not only did I meet my mother, but I met 4 of my 6 brothers and sisters and numerous aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins! I tell Gyna that she is my angel. Before reuniting with my family, I had a hole in my heart that is now gone. Gyna found my birth mother by contacting my uncle Gustavo, her brother (he passed away just after my visit this year). Had I waited any longer, we would’ve missed the opportunity to experience this amazing miracle and finally put all the pieces together. God works in wonderful ways…don’t wait to bring your miracle to life! Colombia Tu Pais and Gyna make miracles happen!