“I was in a big happy shock…”

For the second i knew and understood that i was adopted as a child i always had that feeling of wanted to know my history in Colombia and who my biological mother is.

For all my life in various situations I always have been remembered about not knowing my roots and who I’m suppose to look like.

So in my late teen years I made some small research but never really made a honest attempt for searching, perhaps I wasn’t ready for it.

So it was with huge determination I last year finally made the decision to search for my mother and sister. After a while I finally find Colombia Tu Pais and I didn’t hesitate to mail them and asking for help.

Gyna answered me very quickly and was very kind, which made me feel very comfortable about the situation. And after not more than a month she told me that she had found my Mother and sister and they were doing fine. I was in a big happy shock . I didn’t know what to do really, but after a few days I contacted them and from that day I speak with them every day.

I am so happy that I contacted Gyna and Colombia Tu Pais. I would really recommend everyone to take help from them. You will not regret it.