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“Felt a weight lift from my shoulders…”

I was 38 when I finally gathered the strength and courage to attempt to find my birth mother.  The urge to find my birth mother grew as I got older and I decided now was the time to act.  I began to make plans to conduct the search myself.  All I had was the adoption papers, 1 year of Spanish language study, and a plane ticket to Bogotà.

About a month before I was to travel to Bogotà, I realized was in over my head and  I was ready to cancel my plans.  That’s when I stumbled upon and a glimmer of hope began to emerged.  I realized I was not alone in this quest and, after a few correspondences with Gyna, the search was on.  I explained my situation and she did everything she could to do to work around my travel plans.

After several weeks, Gyna was able to find and make contact with my birth mother and one of my sisters.  To my relief, my birth family were glad to hear about me and, once I arrived in Colombia, they welcomed me with open arms.  My birth mother was finally able to open up about my adoption and consequently release the hidden pain she carried around for years.

I also felt a weight lift from my shoulders.  The old feelings of abandonment are beginning to dissipate due to knowledge I have gained.  Colombia Tu Pais offers a service like no other, a chance to bring closure to the adoptee and birth parent(s).  Gyna and Diego handled my case with professionalism and care that I’ve rarely witnessed.  I’m forever grateful to Colombia Tu Pais for their help and the very important role they play in the lives of adoptees and their families.


“Family has a huge meaning to me now…”

Ever since I can remember, I have always known I have been adopted. Growing up in England with a very English family and having a brother who was also adopted made me always think who my birth mother was.

Like most young girls growing up, we are more conscious about our appearance and bodies. I never appreciated my curves, long thick brown hair, or my skin colour because I wanted to fit in and be like every other English person in my hometown. I grew up with people always telling me how much I looked like Eva Longoria which made me question who my real mother was and what she really looked like. I use to hate looking into a mirror and having an emotionless and lost feeling, not being able to see or know someone who has the same nose or same smile as me. When I was 16 I became very rebellious and found it very hard to accept that I was adopted. I felt abandoned, lost, and confused, and because of this I had an up and down relationship with my parents. At that time in my life, family had no meaning to me, and sad to say I didn’t show much respect to my loving parents.

Everything became different when my brother and I had the opportunity to go to Colombia for two and a half months to teach English. It was a great way to explore and get to know our roots. We spent so much time with different Colombian communities it made us realise how Colombian we really were. It was a breath of fresh air to see that being short was a normal height, and to see people with the same features as me.

I then went back to Colombia the following year to attend “La Casa” anniversary. It was such an emotional experience to be back and see the orphanage where I stayed. As soon as I got back to England, I was determined to start looking. An adoptee from La Casa was kind enough to help with some of the search as he found documents which were related to my mother. I kept seeing Colombia Tu Pais all over the Colombian adoptee Facebook groups and decided to try them out. Everyone said they made their dreams come true so I thought I would give them ago. They were so thoughtful, helpful and very understanding! Colombia Tu Pais made my Christmas, my highlight and of course found the last piece to my puzzle. I received an email that they found my birthmother and that they were going to send me photographs. An emotion which I can’t describe rushed through my body once I saw my birthmothers face…

Colombia Tu Pais really did make MY dream come true. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to reunite with their Colombian family. Family has a huge meaning to me now and I love my adoptive parents very much, especially for all their support and love throughout my life.

I am now talking to my birthmother on a weekly basis as well as reconnecting with my full blooded sister. I am proud to hear that I am an aunt and big sister of three siblings! I will hopefully go back to meet my family this summer!

I just want to say a massive thank you to Colombia Tu Pais for all their hard work and time they put in to find my birthmother. Just when you’re about to give up, Colombian Tu Pais are there to help!


“All her fears were gone…”

We would never have imagined that we would be involved in the search for the biological mother so quickly, but it was always clear to us that we would support our daughters and would help them in the search for their roots as soon as they choose to do it.

But, so soon? Our oldest daughter of nine years began from very small to worry about her birth mother. Although she did not know her, she was always in the depths of her heart. Every night before going to bed she prayed for her, even sometimes she could not stop crying feeling worried about her.

Despite all our love, warmth, understanding and good conversations, we could not stop her fear. Quell her fears was not the solution. Our daughter clearly said she needed to know if her mother was fine and if she had everything to survive. We thought that, perhaps, a photo or a letter from her would make her very happy. It would be a true test that could calm her, as her greatest fear was that she had died.

As parents we thought: we should act now, we should try to give her a little of security, so we decided to undertake this project and go straight to the search.

Our fear was not being able to give her that piece of the puzzle that she lacked. There was that uncertainty, and the certainty could be a long and very difficult way. The outlook according to the story of the mother was not particularly good, so we were prepared for disappointment.

Through our Dutch friends, who we met in Cali by the time of adoption, we hear about ColombiaTuPais. Our first contact with Adry and Gyna was very positive and friendly and after a tour for the website, for us it was clear that we would leave in the hands of CTP finding the biological family of our daughter Cristina.

The beautiful testimonies about her work gave us the peace and confidence we needed, and after her message, where she said that she looked feasible to search, our hearts were filled with hope.

It was Christmas time and then year-end, so after 8 weeks, the day of my birthday, I received a call from Adry from Holland. She congratulated me together with Gyna from Bogota. My first thought was what good service and how thoughtful they are! But they real gift was the surprise that they had found the birth mother and an older sister of our daughter! Also her grandparents, aunts and many other relatives.

That exciting call and the feelings that created us I can never forget. Just a week ago my mother had died. She always knew how much our daughter Crisitina wanted to find her biological family. Even before her death, she told our daughters that when she would be in the sky she would speak to God to help us to find their roots: “I’ll see what I can do in heaven for you Cristina!”

Our daughter is convinced that her grandmother with God arranged everything as her last gift. A beautiful interpretation of our daughter! A beautiful result! All her fears were gone!

Now we have contact with her family in Colombia by phone and by Internet, the first letters already are on the way!

From the bottom of our hearts we thank CTP for enriching our lives! Also thanks to our grandmother and our God in heaven!


“The best day of her life…”

My daughter from a very young age wanted to find her birth mum. I would tell her when she was older I would help her and that she needed to prepare. At the beginning of last year she came home from school and told me that she had gone to see the school counsellor to prepare to find her birth mum. I knew it was time.

Mean while I had been on Facebook, Friends of Fana Group for quite a few months. I was reading about many adoptees had found their birth families through Colombia Tu Pais.

I decided through the positive feedback I was reading on Friends of Fana Group to contact Colombian Tu Pais to search for my daughter’s birth mother.  Gyna and her husband were very helpful and they always answered any questions I had.  I highly recommend them. Thank you for finding my daughter’s birth mum. She says it was the best day of her life.


“Begin a new chapter in my life”

My name is Jazz and I wanted to share my adoption story with you. I was born in Colombia, but like many of you, I was raised on another country by my adoptive parents and family. I was raised by very loving parents, I was and still am very much loved by my family and I have been given a very privileged life. But, I always new, deep inside me that I was different and I kind of felt I did not belong. After many years of that “feeling” I found out that I was adopted.

I did not understand why my birth mother had given me away, but I was blessed with the only family I knew and decided to put any thoughts of abandonment to the side. Years went by and I kept living my life, but about 2 years ago I decided to look for “her”. I found Colombiatupais by chance while searching the internet and I came in contact with Gyna. She was amazing!!! She was very professional, very private about the information I had and she helped me locate my birth mother who is still alive in Colombia.

To my surprise, Gyna found her in less than 3 months with the limited information I could give her. She made the process very private and very easy for me.

Today I have contact with my birth mother and with my half sisters in Colombia. Thanks to Colombiatupais I was able to talk to my mother and begin a new chapter in my life!!


“Acceptation, love and respect…”

Who would  expected our son’s 21st birthday would be celebrate with his family in Colombia?

Our son is his life long been engaged in his being “different”. We have often suggested to look for his family.

Earlier this year  our friends went with their daughter to Colombia. Through Colombiatupais they found back the Colombian family.

This was the moment that our son wanted to look for his family.

One week after the application and sending all the papers came Gyna (or was it Ady?) asking if we wanted to send photos of our son and our family. We knew then that something was going to happen. As we were four of us to a restaurant to celebrate the birthday of Theo (father), we got a call from Adry. She asked if we could call her back. Total disarray! It was nice we that we were four of us Our daughter (born in Colombia)  also became involved. How could Gyna find the mother so fast! fast!

The Colombian mother of our son wanted to meet him very much .She was completely surprised. That there are two younger (half) sisters was a gift. When we knew his mother could get free for two weeks (unpaid), we booked our trip for those two weeks. The sisters were two weeks extra off school. We could all that days stay with the family . We knew that Diego could translate. We needed that for sure.

After the first meeting in park “Simon Bolivar”, we arranged a place each day to meet. We asked the two sisters before leaving on Facebook what they would like to do . Montserrate, Gold museum, park, botanical garden, walk through colonial Bogota (thank you, Diego), visit a shopping mal, the movie, to a market, bowling. Diego is not only a good translater but also a good guide!

Together we have used the lunch. Diego had a few good ideas. Crepes y Waffles, arepas food, coffee at OMA. Burgers at El Corral. Once Gyna came to meet us. What a wonderful people!  We enjoyed.

The feeling about this family was so special!

We have been visiting the mother of our son at home. She twice cooked for us. Several dishes of Choco where she come from. Very tasty and very special! Her dream is to start a seafood restaurant.

10 August celebrated our son’s 21st birthday with Gyna Diego and the Colombian family. Our son did miss his sister in the Netherlands, but for him completed the picture.

These two weeks have been so special for every one. Acceptance, love and respect of both families. Thereby parting was so difficult.

Thanks Gyna and Diego. Thanks to you, our son found his “roots”. We have a very loving family with!

Diego, we get to know you as a wonderful person, very honest in difficult situations, humorous, attentive, caring, patient. Gyna, you were so kind to us! What can I say? I recommend you to as many people.



“The greatest news I could ever wished for…”

Looking for my biological mother has always been something I needed to do. However that was A LOT easier said then done. As I got older I found it even more scary. But in the spring I decided to take small steps to accomplish my ultimate goal. I began reading about adoption reunions and joined an email group about Colombian adoption and an online social group. Once apart of these groups I read about other adoptees looking for their families and they would ask group members who had found their loved ones which company to work with and I found Colombiatupais was the company that was constantly brought up.

Once I found that pattern I decided to check out their website, where I found many testimonials of adoptees who had great experiences working with Colombiatupais. So when I became comfortable with taking the leap to start my search I decided to work with Colombiatupais.

When I first contacted Gyna I gave her the little information I had and she took it from there. Even after she told me she felt very comfortable about having a successful search; I wanted a few questions answered before she moved on into the second step, which wasn’t a problem. Because she took the time to answer my questions in depth I truly felt like her number one concern was to help me in my search for my birthmother. So, when Gyna and her husband told me that they found my birthmother, I was not too surprised to see the great emotion she had for me when they were telling me the greatest news I could ever wished for! I will be forever grateful for all the work she did to find my birthmother and her professionalism.


“Compassion and respect during an emotional time…”

Working with Colombia Tu Pais was such a warming and positive experience. They were very professional and informative from the very beginning. They sent me all the information that I needed to start the process and helped with any questions that I had.

Colombia Tu Pais genuinely cares about adoptees. Gyna and Diego showed me compassion and respect during an emotional time. They were also able to Skype with me to deliver the good news of finding my birth mother, which I truly appreciated. Gyna was also extremely kind, sensitive and helpful to my birth mother. I was able to call and talk to my birth mother for the first time on Mother’s Day.

I will now be traveling back to Colombia for my first time to meet my birth family in February. Words cannot express my gratitude for Colombia Tu Pais. Thank you Gyna and Diego!


“The best gift of my life…”

On summer,  we travelled to Colombia with my parents and my brother Julian searching our roots. Julián already had contacted Gyna and she came to meet us. During the three weeks we were in Colombia she helped us searching. She found a photo of Julián’s mother and the clinical history of my mother. Unfortunately we had to come back to Holland but she never stopped.

On February we received a phone call from Gyna and she told us that she had found my mother in United States and that they had arranged a meeting in Bogotá that month. I sent her a letter and some photos. Two weeks after their meeting, my biological mother called me and we clicked very well at once.

We kept in touch for some months by telephone and by email we interchanged photos. On the first week of August we went (my parents, my boyfriend and I) to our first familiar encounter in Miami. What so wonderful experience!!! My two mothers, with the same first name: Adriana, got on very well. Moreover, both families formed a big family as if they knew each other for ages. This is the best gift of my life…!


“She was everything and more…”

My life changed the day I got the message from Colombia Tu País that they had found my biological mother.

Soon after I flew from Norway to Colombia to meet her. She was everything and more than I could ever hope for.

Thank you!!!