“Truly unforgettable…”

My name is Danilo living in Utrecht – Holland. I was born in Bogota Colombia.

Colombia really has always been always for me a piece of my unknown roots where I actually knew almost nothing. Of course, my parents fortunately told me what exactly happened and why I was living in the Netherlands and not in Colombia, but really a lot of background information has never been there. I do remember well, that for me it has always been a certain pride in the fact that I come from Colombia. The only thing I knew about my country, that I read in magazines, newspapers, or books was the negative image about Colombia.

But yeah finally I got older, I found myself getting more and more interested in my background. To whom do I look finally? My mother would be still alive? Is she doing ok?? All those questions and many more were so long in my mind. When I was 20 years old I made the first attempt to find out some more of my roots. I have sent a letter over Cran (orphanage), to ask if they had any more information about my mother. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any different than I already knew. A year later I tried it once with “Spoorloos’ a national TV program. I was headed in a confirmation from them that they had taken receipt of my letter. I was wondering how long it would take.

Years passed, and nothing happened until my brother got in contact with Adry  from Colombiatupais. She explained everything about the process and of course I thought it was time for myself and that my unanswered questions were answered. Of course it may be that you get very bad news but positive or negative, I just wanted know !!! It was an exciting time.

Before the summer, I got Adry on the phone, I could hear in her voice that she had news hahaha she began with the phrase “could you take a seat? We found your mother”! I was stunned, so fast all. WOW. Unbelievable, after the news I received some photos from my mother, half-sisters and half-brother. It was an indescribable feeling .. Unbelievable !!!!! Super nice … with no pen to describe …

Of course we went to Colombia, at first alone (by circumstances) Later, with my whole family from the Netherlands. I really liked to invite Gyna to enjoy this miracle with my sisters and brother. It was a successful evening and thought it was nice that they still could take a peek into the life of the family Valbuena / Torres. The first time I stayed for two weeks, and the second time one week with my parents and brother. Both times truly unforgettable.

It is a shame that the world has such a negative image of Colombia,  it is a beautiful country whit a lot of options to see and to do. I never felt unsafe. Gyna and Adry, thank you for your efforts, it’s all so positive, really super … Thanks