“My heart was beating faster than ever…”

This story is a little overdue, but I will go ahead and share it because without ColombiaTuPais, it would have never even happened. In the beginning of June, I enlisted the help of Gyna to find my birth family. I always knew I was going to try and find my family, and whether it ever was successful or not, I could never live with myself if I had never tried. Gyna was very helpful throughout the whole process of getting the documents from my adoption to her, then giving me updates on how the documents looked. Then, after only a month of working with Gyna, I got a Skype call while I was at my internship at a radio station near my hometown. Gyna and her husband were calling me to tell me they had found my birth mother. I was ecstatic! I had so many thoughts going through my head and my heart was beating faster than ever. After I hung up the phone I called my girlfriend at the time and told her what happened, she was really happy for me. I walked back into my job and told my boss as quickly as I could what happened. I got out of there as quick as I could and called my adoptive mom and told her, “ I need to tell you and Dad something, I’m coming home now and I want both of you to be home when I get there.” They were home when I arrived, both a little worried about what I had to tell them. After I explained everything, and tears were done pouring, I received an email from Gyna about the my birth families information.

When I was adopted, I left behind an older half brother who has a son, and a twin brother along with my mom. Yes I said twin, I always knew I left him behind, but he never knew about me until my birthmother found out I had found her. We have since then talked on Facebook messenger almost every day. And after a year of talking and getting to know each other, my adoptive family and I made a trip back to Colombia for the first time in twenty-one years to meet my birth family. All I will is after spending three weeks in Colombia getting to know the city of Bogotá and Medellin for a couple of days, it was very hard to leave. Now I will  end by saying this, ColombiaTuPais is an amazing organization that are honest and hardworking, I can honestly say that without them my life would be very different and I truly believe I still would be missing a big piece of myself if it wasn’t for CTP. Your experience may be different than mine, but you will always have a high percentage of having success in finding your birth family working with CTP. Good luck to everyone on the search!