Colombiatupais searches the biological families of Colombian people who have been adopted.


We understand and defend the human beings right to find their roots. Thus, we assume this task and do our best to provide, if possible, an encounter.


"Identity is a set of beliefs, opinions and capacities that connect young people with their past and guide them through the future"


(Hernández, 2006)

Colombiatupais was created as those impulses dictated, in innumerable occasions, by the heart.The head of this Project is a Colombian girl that, although she grew up with her biological family, has a closer contact with amazing and beautiful adoption histories that impulse her to create this site of hope for whom the search of it’s origin has become the most important aim in their lives.

While living in Holland, she experienced and learned about this and other cultures and figured how important would be to work toward the reunion of those who for different reasons, some day, were separated.

Colombiatupais is the result of her natural bent for adopted children, who have not been able to search by themselves their biological families and have not found someone to search with the passion and respect that needs to be devoted to an experience so important like yours.