“I had achieved so much more than I ever dreamed of…”

I’d looked for my biological mother for many years and I’d given up any hope of finding her alive since I was soon turning 30 years old. But one day I came across this website and I’d got surprised about how many good experiences they had finding families in Colombia. I though WOW!!! I should try this out! I instantly wrote an email to Gyna and I got the information needed to put my case into motion.

A time passed, and out of blue, I received an email from Gyna who had looked into the case and said she would help me. After that email, everything went really fast. I got many quick updates and about 4 months after my first attempt with Colombiatupais I received a phone call of Adry, from Netherlands, while Gyna was on the other line from Colombia. I got the opportunity to ask they all the questions I had on my mind as Adry translated to Gyna and she answered.

Then, after the last stage, I got many photos and additional information was sent to me by email. I had achieved so much more than I ever dreamed of, all thanks to Gyna and Adry at Colombiatupais. Today I’m writing mails with my half sister and I’m very very thankful for the job that Gyna and Adry have done for me. A special thanks to Gyna who has done all the tracking work in Colombia, visited my family, and initiated contact among me and my “new” family. I am deeply grateful! Thank you