The power of the Internet is a mysterious creature. Words are woven in and out of a tangled web and when I was about to give up for another year along came Colombiatupais . I searched around the Internet and read on some forums about the successes that were made through your company. I decided to give it one last go and it honestly was the last go around.

Words cannot convey my gratitude that I owe as I am forever indebted to you and your staff for all the hard work you have done for us (mi
familia). I had prior experiences of hiring other firms that “claim” they will help to locate your biological family, but in the end they ended up taking my money and left me with nothing. Your company is very easy to work with and there are no expectations up front until you determine if you might have a lead on one’s biological family.

You walked me through every step of the process before you even discussed payment, this was quite welcoming to me as with other companies they wanted money first. After the initial fact finding Gyna went straight to work gathering as much information as she could which in turn she shared with me through a flurry of e-mail exchanges. Once it was established that she had a good lead on my biological mother she inquired for photos and a short biography on me.

After providing the information to her and sending it through e-mail she came back 2-3 weeks later and told me she found my mother!! Gyna was diligent in her efforts and I was surprised how much information she gathered in such a short amount of time the whole process took about 3-4 months.

I will never forgot that moment and all the emotions that ran through my body. I am glad there are still decent human beings trying to help others out and you are one of them. Icannot be happier than I am today, granted we are continents apart but the time we lost is a formality for what we have gained as a family as we have many more years to spend with one another.

I am now in constant contact with my family through the internet or phone conversations. Muchas Gracias!



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