After graduating as a dancer, a new phase came in my life. I had my intendings to travel to Colombia for the first time and to search for my biological mother. A Colombian adopted friend sent me to Colombiatupais, and after seeing the website I e-mailed Gyna.

I had the idea I had enough information for inventarisation. And Gyna came with good news that she was able to search. But that everything went so fast after that, I had not expected. After 3 or 4 weeks they phoned me with the information that they found her. We spoked about my life in Holland and I sent Gyna my website with photos, because Gyna would met my biological mother in Bogot√°. I can not say more than thank you so much for quick and good work. And having new information in my life which has to sink a bit. The time will learn the process and I am very happy and thankful for that.


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