On summer of 2005, we travelled to Colombia with my parents and my brother Julian searching our roots. Julián already had contacted Gyna and she came to meet us. During the three weeks we were in Colombia she helped us searching. She found a photo of Julián’s mother and the clinical history of my mother. Unfortunately we had to come back to Holland but she never stopped.

On February of 2006 we received a phone call from Gyna and she told us that she had found my mother in United States and that they had arranged a meeting in Bogotá that month. I sent her a letter and some photos. Two weeks after their meeting, my biological mother called me and we clicked very well at once.

We kept in touch for some months by telephone and by email we interchanged photos. On the first week of August we went (my parents, my boyfriend and I) to our first familiar encounter in Miami. What so wonderful experience!!! My two mothers, with the same first name: Adriana, got on very well. Moreover, both families formed a big family as if they knew each other for ages.




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