Since very young, Joshua had asked us about his biological mother. Later, he also wanted to know about his brothers and why he had been given for adoption. We explained him it was because his mother had a bad economic situation, but the questions continued and his restlessness was evident all the time... In spite of his youth, his maturity and self-confident push us to start searching.

Surfing the Internet we found the Gyna’s web site. The way as she expressed about adoption caught our attention in such a way that we decided to contact her by email and request her to make the Joshua family’s search. On June 15th of 2006 Gyna started working and, you won’t believe it, on June 6 she told us that she had found the Joshua family in Neiva. We were so happy that Joshua had insisted on looking for them.

With Gyna we sent them some photos and a short biography. She was 2 days in Neiva and told us a lot about them. She took 25 photos of all the family and helps them to open an email account to contact us. Such a good idea!!!

Since then, we have contacted them by email and, the most beautiful, by webcam our child could see his family and they could see their lost child. Everything has been so beautiful to be true and Colombia has become a very important place in his life. Now he does not have any other question, because he already has all the answers and the tranquillity.



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