Two years ago seemed not such a good idea for us as parents to beginning the search of the biological family of our two small children (at then 5 and 3 years) because we wanted to leave the decision at them in the future. Fortunately we change our minds.


Now we think that as adoptive parents we should collect as much information as possible of the background of our children. We started searching because we believed that the information about their families could help our children to development their identity. Especially since our oldest son since very young had concerns about his "roots". We also wanted to let know to their biological mothers how well and healthy they are.


Fortunately Gyna started working and she succeeded to find 'our' children mothers within a few time. She was very careful and prudent when she contacted them to not cause them problems in their current life. She had a gathering with one of them and took photos while she was looking at the pictures of (our) children. It has been a year of that and we still have contact with them, sometimes directly and sometimes through Gyna. One of them wrote us recently and she is really thankful with us to be so open and let her to know each other!


We were very pleased with Colombia Tu Pais because Gyna and Adry always kept us informed of the development and especially because they do what they promise! Furthermore, we appreciate how Gyna managed to gain the confidence and respect of the mothers. For us it was very important.


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