The search for my Colombian family began in late June 2009. At that moment I could not believe that just few months after I would have on the phone to my birth mother for the first time.


First, my parents and I collected all the adoption documents and I sent them to Adry. Then Adry contacted Gyna to actually start the search. My parents and I have chosen Colombiatupais because there are many direct and personal contact through the mail and telephone. Through other adoptees, I had heard about these ladies and they really struck me. Small, personal and very involved. After we sent all the documents we had to wait. The information that I had from my adoptive parents was enough to get started.


The search did not take long! After two months, on August 13, 2009 at 15.20 (I remember it exactly :)), I received the best phone call of my life. Adry called me and told me that my mother had been found! It touched me again while I write this. I was immediately in the seventh heaven! My mother lives, she is doing well and she has four children and she is already a grandmother of 6 grandchildren. All this was like unreal. One phone call turned my life completely. Of course, I wanted to share it immediately with my parents but they were not at home at that time. My sister called and then a very good friend, who immediately came to me. Not much later I could tell my parents the news.


Two days later Adry called me again to ask me how I was doing. Her phone call and preoccupation makes me feel good and special. I had other news about my mother, she has two brothers and sisters, and I was already aunt of six and I have a grandfather. They don’t have news for years from my biological father. After I had spoken to Adry and for the first time in my life I have called to my birth mother. I could not wait and mostly I was happy and curious about her voice. I shared this special moment with my parents and later I saw my mother by the webcam. Since then I have much contact with my family. My Spanish has been improved a lot and this year 2011 I have been in Colombia for the first time to meet my family, with my parents of course.


Sometimes, I still cannot believe that I've found my family after all these years. For the family in Colombia, the meeting was very special. And all this thanks to the effective work of Adry and Gyna and what they do with heart and soul.


Now we are back in the Netherlands and my parents and I will work to bring my older sister and mother next year to Netherlands for a holiday! Now, my Dutch family and I have a large family. My parents are happy to be now new grandparents of six grandchildren and my oldest sister is happy because she has now a father faraway in Netherlands. I look forward to their arrival; however I’m still expecting that everything will work around the visas, passports etc. I’m anxious to introduce my mother and sister to my sister and my family here in the Netherlands, we are now truly complete, because my sister would be seen as their sister, aunt and daughter here in Netherlands. Mama Cecilia and I are very happy and grateful to have found each other through Colombia Tu Pais.


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