To all who are planning to search your family in Colombia we recommend you to do so through Gyna Hernandez.


Gyna is very respectful, determined and sensitive.
Her way of communicating and intuition are really a gift.


All these qualities combined with her knowledge of Colombia and her contacts are the perfect ingredients to entrust such an important search.


To both of our children (10 and 12 years) she found their families.


Now we have contacted them via email.


Gyna works with Adry Hagenbeek, Adry maintains contact between those interested in searching and Gyna.


She lives in Colombia and Adry in the Netherlands.


This type of contact is very positive and clear.


It was truly unforgettable the first phone call from Adry when she told us the nice news from Colombia.


We now ended our search and we are excited about what awaits us from now.


Gyna and Adry thank you very much!


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