We would never have imagined that we would be involved in the search for the biological mother so quickly, but it was always clear to us that we would support our daughters and would help them in the search for their roots as soon as they choose to do it.

But, so soon? Our oldest daughter of nine years began from very small to worry about her birth mother. Although she did not know her, she was always in the depths of her heart. Every night before going to bed she prayed for her, even sometimes she could not stop crying feeling worried about her.

Despite all our love, warmth, understanding and good conversations, we could not stop her fear. Quell her fears was not the solution. Our daughter clearly said she needed to know if her mother was fine and if she had everything to survive. We thought that, perhaps, a photo or a letter from her would make her very happy. It would be a true test that could calm her, as her greatest fear was that she had died.

As parents we thought: we should act now, we should try to give her a little of security, so we decided to undertake this project and go straight to the search.

Our fear was not being able to give her that piece of the puzzle that she lacked. There was that uncertainty, and the certainty could be a long and very difficult way. The outlook according to the story of the mother was not particularly good, so we were prepared for disappointment.

Through our Dutch friends, who we met in Cali by the time of adoption, we hear about ColombiaTuPais. Our first contact with Adry and Gyna was very positive and friendly and after a tour for the website, for us it was clear that we would leave in the hands of CTP finding the biological family of our daughter Cristina.

The beautiful testimonies about her work gave us the peace and confidence we needed, and after her message, where she said that she looked feasible to search, our hearts were filled with hope.

It was Christmas time and then year-end, so after 8 weeks, the day of my birthday, I received a call from Adry from Holland. She congratulated me together with Gyna from Bogota. My first thought was what good service and how thoughtful they are! But they real gift was the surprise that they had found the birth mother and an older sister of our daughter! Also her grandparents, aunts and many other relatives.

That exciting call and the feelings that created us I can never forget. Just a week ago my mother had died. She always knew how much our daughter Crisitina wanted to find her biological family. Even before her death, she told our daughters that when she would be in the sky she would speak to God to help us to find their roots: "I'll see what I can do in heaven for you Cristina!"

Our daughter is convinced that her grandmother with God arranged everything as her last gift. A beautiful interpretation of our daughter! A beautiful result! All her fears were gone!

Now we have contact with her family in Colombia by phone and by Internet, the first letters already are on the way!

From the bottom of our hearts we thank CTP for enriching our lives! Also thanks to our grandmother and our God in heaven!


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