temp jenLooking for my biological mother has always been something I needed to do. However that was A LOT easier said then done. As I got older I found it even more scary. But in the spring of 2012 I decided to take small steps to accomplish my ultimate goal. I began reading about adoption reunions and joined an email group about Colombian adoption and an online social group. Once apart of these groups I read about other adoptees looking for their families and they would ask group members who had found their loved ones which company to work with and I found Colombiatupais was the company that was constantly brought up. Once I found that pattern I decided to check out their website, where I found many testimonials of adoptees who had great experiences working with Colombiatupais. So when I became comfortable with taking the leap to start my search I decided to work with Colombiatupais.

When I first contacted Gyna I gave her the little information I had and she took it from there. Even after she told me she felt very comfortable about having a successful search; I wanted a few questions answered before she moved on into the second step, which wasn't a problem. Because she took the time to answer my questions in depth I truly felt like her number one concern was to help me in my search for my birthmother. So, when Gyna and her husband told me that they found my birthmother, I was not too surprised to see the great emotion she had for me when they were telling me the greatest news I could ever wished for! I will be forever grateful for all the work she did to find my birthmother and her professionalism.

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