temp allyEver since I can remember, I have always known I have been adopted. Growing up in England with a very English family and having a brother who was also adopted made me always think who my birth mother was.

Like most young girls growing up, we are more conscious about our appearance and bodies. I never appreciated my curves, long thick brown hair, or my skin colour because I wanted to fit in and be like every other English person in my hometown. I grew up with people always telling me how much I looked like Eva Longoria which made me question who my real mother was and what she really looked like. I use to hate looking into a mirror and having an emotionless and lost feeling, not being able to see or know someone who has the same nose or same smile as me. When I was 16 I became very rebellious and found it very hard to accept that I was adopted. I felt abandoned, lost, and confused, and because of this I had an up and down relationship with my parents. At that time in my life, family had no meaning to me, and sad to say I didn't show much respect to my loving parents.

Everything became different when my brother and I had the opportunity to go to Colombia for two and a half months to teach English. It was a great way to explore and get to know our roots. We spent so much time with different Colombian communities it made us realise how Colombian we really were. It was a breath of fresh air to see that being short was a normal height, and to see people with the same features as me.

I then went back to Colombia the following year to attend "La Casa" anniversary. It was such an emotional experience to be back and see the orphanage where I stayed. As soon as I got back to England, I was determined to start looking. An adoptee from La Casa was kind enough to help with some of the search as he found documents which were related to my mother. I kept seeing Colombia Tu Pais all over the Colombian adoptee Facebook groups and decided to try them out. Everyone said they made their dreams come true so I thought I would give them ago. They were so thoughtful, helpful and very understanding! Colombia Tu Pais made my Christmas, my highlight of 2012 and of course found the last piece to my puzzle. I received an email that they found my birthmother and that they were going to send me photographs. An emotion which I can't describe rushed through my body once I saw my birthmothers face...

Colombia Tu Pais really did make MY dream come true. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to reunite with their Colombian family. Family has a huge meaning to me now and I love my adoptive parents very much, especially for all their support and love throughout my life.

I am now talking to my birthmother on a weekly basis as well as reconnecting with my full blooded sister. I am proud to hear that I am an aunt and big sister of three siblings! I will hopefully go back to meet my family this summer!

I just want to say a massive thank you to Colombia Tu Pais for all their hard work and time they put in to find my birthmother. Just when you're about to give up, Colombian Tu Pais are there to help!

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