“Begin a new chapter in my life”

My name is Jazz and I wanted to share my adoption story with you. I was born in Colombia, but like many of you, I was raised on another country by my adoptive parents and family. I was raised by very loving parents, I was and still am very much loved by my family and I have been given a very privileged life. But, I always new, deep inside me that I was different and I kind of felt I did not belong. After many years of that “feeling” I found out that I was adopted.

I did not understand why my birth mother had given me away, but I was blessed with the only family I knew and decided to put any thoughts of abandonment to the side. Years went by and I kept living my life, but about 2 years ago I decided to look for “her”. I found Colombiatupais by chance while searching the internet and I came in contact with Gyna. She was amazing!!! She was very professional, very private about the information I had and she helped me locate my birth mother who is still alive in Colombia.

To my surprise, Gyna found her in less than 3 months with the limited information I could give her. She made the process very private and very easy for me.

Today I have contact with my birth mother and with my half sisters in Colombia. Thanks to Colombiatupais I was able to talk to my mother and begin a new chapter in my life!!