“The relief and joy I felt…”

When I decided to begin the search to locate my biological family I felt many different emotions: excitement, nervousness and curiosity. The support I gained from other adoptees online pushed me to take the leap and thus the adventure began. From the start Gyna, from Colombia Tu Pais, was professional, caring and kind. She explained the process thoroughly with concrete details and possible outcomes.

After a few months I was contacted by Gyna that she had discovered my biological mother and family members. The relief and joy I felt was extraordinary. I felt closure around an issue that had been an unanswered question my entire life. The endless love and guidance from my adoptive family strengthened me to face and process this moment in my life. Colombia Tu Pais bridged the communication and language barrier with my biological family and I will be forever grateful. This year has been full of life changing events, I not only located my biological family; I married my best friend.