“Better than in my own dreams…”

My name is Mauricio, 27 years old and born in Bogotá. Since I was 21 I felt like I was missing ‘something’ in my life. A feeling that I could difficult describe. It became very soon clear that I was curious about my roots.

I attended several meetings with colombians adoptees to learn from their experiences and the possibilities of finding my roots and my biological family. Besides well-known names such as World Children and Spoorloos was also named Colombia Tu Pais (CTP). I was so happily surprised about the website that I sent them an email and  they sent me back all the information.

I was completely convinced. I’m going to start my search through Colombiatupais!

Assuming that the search should take some time, for me it was a big surprise when a few weeks after I got a call from Adry with the message that Gyna already found my birth mother. So soon! Better than in my own dreams! Besides my mother, I also have two sisters and a half brother in Bogotá.

My search is over and now I can quietly building a relationship with my biological family in Colombia.  All of this thanks to the excellent cooperation of Gyna and Adry. From the bottom of my heart … thank you Colombia Tu Pais … for everything you have done.

Please! If you want to find your biological family don’t doubt to contact Colombia Tu Pais. They have the experience and resources to help you with this !!