“I can’t describe how glad I am…”
In my entire life I have been interested in finding my biologic family in Colombia, but I didn’t know how to do it. I knew that it would be very difficult, almost impossible, to find them in such a big country, but when I discovered Colombiatupais and read the experiences from other people who have had succes with their search, it gaves me a hope.

I try it, and after very short time, Gyna send me an email, where she wrote that I should call her, because there was something she wants to tell me. She told me that she have founded my mother and she was doing fine. I was so happy and suprised.

Now I’m in contact with my family and I am so happy. I can’t describe how glad I am to discover this website and try it. Colombiatupais have fullfilled a dream for me, I never thought that would become true. Muchas gracias. I thought it would have taken much more time, but that shows how effective you are.

During the whole process I’ve been informated goodly about how the situation was and how big the chances was for finding my family. I am glad for your honesty and serious way to tackle it. I will recommend this greatefull firm to other adopted persons.