“I have two families and two worlds …”

In September, for the first time, I made the real decision to look for my family. After all I would be 30 in February  and thought it was a good time to start looking anyway. I have two lovely sisters in the Netherlands and a loving mother. My father is unfortunately deceased but also more than a good guy. My entire life the dilemma whether or not search was still present. What if I’m late? What if they are no longer there? What if they don´t want to see me? etc. I had a lot of scenarios!

In 2011 I went to Kenya with a friend of mine. During this trip I made my choice. That friend of mine saw his brother for the first time in 12 years. I looked at it and it hit me in a way that was impossible to hide. I must take action. I saw something that I wanted. I didn’t ask me anymore what it would have perished in Colombia with my family. I am an adult man and had thought to myself that all possible scenarios would be fine, that I could accept them all. I then came back from Kenya and sent all my papers to CTP. Gyna only asked me to write a mini biography and some pictures. So far I’d live through the process with some nonchalance. This, of course, to protect myself from the disappointment. I had done my part and released again somewhat. We’ll see. But two weeks later I got a call from Adry and she had Gyna on the line. They told me they had found my mother and she had spoken my sister.

uh …. what ?? Tears immediately rolled over me cheeks. Tears of relief. The following message was that they wanted to contact. I cried like a little child, to my own surprise. But an indescribable feeling, but very unreal. I called my sisters and my mother in the Netherlands. My sisters and mother came to me. My family in Netherlands was over the moon.

I was astonished. All this really happened and it happened so fast. Time later I spoke finally with my sister and her son via Skype. Her son spoke English so we could communicate. We agreed to come back two hours later to talk further. I didn’t know what came over me. Did I just spoke with me sister? Two hours later, I crawled back to the computer and more siblings appeared on the camera, and there was my mother. I was stunned and confused. We looked at each other late into the night. The strange thing was that I had collected over the years so many questions, but I didn’t ask, perhaps for a later stage. I saw that they were very happy to see me and that was enough for now. I finally closed the computer and went to sleep. I’ve been staring all night at the ceiling. I finally slept a few hours and then quickly open my computer to check whether there were traces of the conversation yesterday. There were still traces, so it really was. I had my family back!

I am a blessed man. I have two families and two worlds. It is a great experience, but also difficult sometimes. Indeed, it is a very difficult process to explain. I’m glad I did it through this organization. First, it is gone very quickly, the contact with Gyna and Adry was fine and familiar. I still had some questions to Gyna and these were answered quickly, very fine. The idea that you can count on Gyna is really nice. That matters a lot, and it’s wonderful to know that the door is always open, and that whit full confidence you could contact Gyna every single time.