“Felt a weight lift from my shoulders…”

I was 38 when I finally gathered the strength and courage to attempt to find my birth mother.  The urge to find my birth mother grew as I got older and I decided now was the time to act.  I began to make plans to conduct the search myself.  All I had was the adoption papers, 1 year of Spanish language study, and a plane ticket to Bogotà.

About a month before I was to travel to Bogotà, I realized was in over my head and  I was ready to cancel my plans.  That’s when I stumbled upon and a glimmer of hope began to emerged.  I realized I was not alone in this quest and, after a few correspondences with Gyna, the search was on.  I explained my situation and she did everything she could to do to work around my travel plans.

After several weeks, Gyna was able to find and make contact with my birth mother and one of my sisters.  To my relief, my birth family were glad to hear about me and, once I arrived in Colombia, they welcomed me with open arms.  My birth mother was finally able to open up about my adoption and consequently release the hidden pain she carried around for years.

I also felt a weight lift from my shoulders.  The old feelings of abandonment are beginning to dissipate due to knowledge I have gained.  Colombia Tu Pais offers a service like no other, a chance to bring closure to the adoptee and birth parent(s).  Gyna and Diego handled my case with professionalism and care that I’ve rarely witnessed.  I’m forever grateful to Colombia Tu Pais for their help and the very important role they play in the lives of adoptees and their families.