“Still brings tears to my eyes…”

First of all this is long but I cant write my happiness in just one paragraph so here we go. My name is Sandy I am 25 years old, born in Colombia Fusagasuga and now living in Sydney Australia. My journey with Colombia Tu Pais began when I was 23.  This is a little overdue however it’s time to talk about my experience with Gyna and her husband Diego. They are wonderful and made the impossible, possible!

My brother and I were both adopted at a young age, I was 3 and he was only 18 months at the time. We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful country as Australia and to have the most wonderful family and friends people could dream of.  I always knew that I was different and I was always curious as to where I came from and what my biological mother and father would look like. I always asked myself do I have more siblings? It had always been just my brother and I so this is what I knew.

I had planned a trip to go Volunteer in Colombia in 2014 and had questioned myself about whether or not to open the search again to find my parents. We had friends who recently had found their biological family and returned to Colombia to meet them. They had used Colombia Tu Pais so I contacted Gyna on Colombia Tu Pais Facebook page, asking about the success rate and how they go about the search in finding family members. I felt that I had nothing to lose and spoke to my parents and brother and said to them that it was worth to give it a go.

So from day 1, I had passed over my documents to Gyna that were necessary in which they needed. There are steps in whether you can move forward to the next stage if they have enough information to go and do the search. Luckily we passed to go to the next stage. At this moment via emails and Facebook contact my heart was racing thinking ‘what if they actually find them, what will I do?’ and then there was ‘what if my mother and father weren’t alive, how will I feel about that’.

So a couple more days passed after the second stage and I was going about my life when I got a message from Gyna asking if I was able to Skype. I was home at the time and my father was in another room so I was surprised and told dad I might have news for him. Anyways this is day 5 or 6, so I went on Skype really nervous and there was Gyna and Diego ready to discuss what they found. I was ready to here the worst when Gyna said ‘We have great news, we have found your biological family’. I started crying I didn’t know what to do and yelled at my father to come into the room and talk also because I was speechless. Both my mother and father were alive and living in Fusagasuga, were I was born and that my brother and I have a younger sister Karolina who I love to death and now beautiful nieces. When I told the news to my brother he was so happy and my mother was so shocked but so happy as well and my older two brothers and all our friends and family.

I couldn’t thank Gyna and Diego enough for what joy they have brought to my family especially my brother and myself. We all went to Colombia together 2 months later and my parents got to meet my biological parents and that was truly a beautiful moment in my life ill never forget. I got to hug my beautiful sister I couldn’t stop staring at her and she got to meet her brother. A moment I truly remember especially was my mother hugging my mother still brings tears to my eyes.

My life changed forever that day and without Gyna, Diego and their wonderful Colombia Tu Pais that day would still be waiting. If you are looking for your family and wondering what to do, they are wonderful and it’s the first step to forever.

Adios y Gracias,