“Your soul will open up…”

CTP, a perfect example of human support.

I am not much of a writer, but I do feel the urge to say something about the CTP organisation and share it with you all.

This group of professional ethousiasts put everything and I mean everything, to work to be able to locate the parents (read: mother) of your adopted child on his or hers quest for its roots in Colombia. Just like they did for our daughter Victoria. As a long term professional ICT service provider I can honestly claim that we were graciously surprised beyond anything by their kindness and professionalism to an extend that made all of us shy and in short of words. To say the least.

It may be obvious that a complicated operation like finding your biological family (read: mother) is far from easy. The fear, excitement, emotions and doubts scream thru your vains. Yours, your partners and most of all: your childs.

The CTP crew understands that like no other. From the moment you first contact them until the moment you hug them farewell at Bogota airport.

It all starts with the language barrier. Don’t get me wrong, I can handle myself in Spanish while being in a hotel, bar or gas station. But meeting the biological mother of your child is of a complete different maganitude. That’s a whole different kind of Spanish, let me tell you.

But… Don’t be feared, Diego is with you all the time, wherever you are. Well, he is there, in the same space, but he is behind you. As soon as applicable he steps aside and goes into “service mode”. Unbelievable…! That kid (I mean, compared to myself, how old is he anyway…?) tought me something right then and there.

He translates, explores, manages, knows stuff. He has hidden boxes of tissues, has pockets full of cash, calls for a taxi, keeps little brothers and sisters quiet and what not. Like an angel he hovers around you and your child and offers his services, asked for or not in a almost humble fashion. Very, very, very able. A very, very impressive human being.

Gyna, the detective of the CTP crew. She is the CIA of CTP. Gyna researches, she calculates risks, benefits and feasibility. An out-of-this-world sweet, academically schooled professional of the very best kind. Within 72 hours from first contact she located our daugthers biological mother. In Bogota…! Of all places, I mean, this is a huge city with a tremendous amount of uncharted territories.

Your soul will open up to those people in a heartbeat and you will love them till the day you pass on. Really, I have never meant something so much and firm as this here, right now.

And after all the tears have run out, the dust has settled and you still have some life in you: Ask ‘m to take you out to the Zona Rosa of Bogota and let it all go. Just ask her what I mean, you will get a smile, I’ll bet you…!!!

So, with great and deep respect and gratitude we salute you for your warmth and love and fun…!!!

Ronald, Tine and Victoria Wanders