“Filled my life with happiness…”

Gyna is inspiring and emotional when she begins her work. Her passion for what she does never stops until she achieves the goal. In her you find a friendly and smiling person that will let you see her strength and authority when the situation warrants. Who could say no to Gyna? At her side is her other half: Diego, who has a wonderful personality. He is friendly and sensitive and immediately makes you feel comfortable. He’s funny and friendly following the same path.

If you asked me what I most enjoyed of Colombia and what are my best memories, I’d say a lot of things! The smell of our country, the people, the food, the anxiety of the search process but mainly Gyna and Diego. It was beautiful to see this couple. It was wonderful to see this team together in her personal life and, of course, in their work. Fully upright and honest in all they do. If I ever had to find my roots again I would do it with them! I already put my future in their hands and I would do it again.

I traveled three times to Colombia to find my biological mother. Each trip took me closer to the goal! What an adventure I lived in our beautiful country and all together with Gyna and her great expertise. No matter if you found an uncooperative worker of the ICBF with almost zero information or if you went to a rough neighborhood, her courage always approached and pointed us in the right direction.

Last year was a wonderful year. When I decided to publish my story in the media I received the fantastic news that Gyna had found my mother! She always manages to open doors that remain closed for others.

On May 21, I began my search with the help of Gyna. Exactly five years later, after an amazing adventure where my information was a big hurdle, finally we found her. I can not deny that all this time we had beautiful moments, but also very difficult times. Moments when you think: does it worth pursuing? We only had the option to persist! When many had already given up, Gyna was the only one who did not give up! The result? A wonderful mother, a fun-loving sister, and adorable little brother.

Gyna and Diego, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift you gave me. You filled my life with happiness. And what makes me even happier is that you have continued to make others happy and get together more and more families. You not only changed my life but also my mother’s life! I hear her constantly saying how immensely happy she feels with the turn her life took when we met. Her friends do not even recognize her! Finally she took off the weight off of her shoulders and could have a new start. So, this appreciation is also from her. My sister always dreamed of a big brother, someone to go to for advice! Now she has me!

I would be able to write a book with the things I lived through you, but I have to be brief.

Diego & Gyna … Thanks for everything! You have no idea!