“It was a huge surprise…”

Searching on Google, I found the web site of Colombiatupais. I got excited about it and right away I called Adry. She told me about how was born this website and about the Gyna’s excellent job.

I was in my fifth month of pregnancy and I wonder whether it will be appropriate to start searching my roots at that exactly moment. After my conversation with Adry, I had such a nice peaceful that I decided to begin searching. I sent my documents to Gyna, and in short time she had made it. It was a huge surprise that everything had gone so quickly. Later I received photos and all the information about my mother and other family.

This experience had a great effect on me and it has not been easy, because it is hard to get used to receive so much so quickly. I’m also happy because after this, Gyna has always helped me and has been open to answer all my questions.

At this point, I have contact with my biological family by email, but in the future I will go to meet them in Colombia. I recommend to everyone who is adopted to search its roots, and do not hesitate to contact Adry and Gyna. They will give you a lot of information and get compromise with your history.